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Falcon Capital Management aims to deliver outstanding returns built on deep domain expertise in commercial real estate research and investment analytics and risk management.  Our purpose is to partner with investors to build and manage a multi-billion dollar investing and operating business throughout all economic cycles.

Why Real Estate?


Throughout history, Real Estate has been the proven strategy to build and preserve wealth.  Falcon Capital Management's strategy is to acquire, operate and develop residential and commercial property. 

We acquire real estate in select U.S. markets with strong economic fundamentals in order to capitalize on under-valued and under-managed assets, to add inherent value and benefit from price appreciation and rent growth. We firmly believe that value is created at the property level and we strive to implement the most effective and lucrative business plan at every property. 

The Opportunity


Falcon Capital Management sources unique real estate opportunities, conducts extensive research and risk management around the asset, financials and the economics of the macro and micro economic environment.  Investors can then participate in these syndications with the confidence that all efforts have been expended to discover the risks and opportunities with each investment.

We believe that truly superior returns are achieved through a strategic allocation of capital, proper market positioning and improvements to property level operations. 

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